Premade Minecraft Setup Survival Project

⛏ THE SURVIVAL MINECRAFT SETUP PROJECT | Bank System | Dark Auctions | Jobs | Menus ⛏

in on 24/05/2023

This product takes inspiration from a popular server and offers a modern, virtual-economy approach to survival by using coins as its main currency. Communities who find an appeal to banking, job progression, dark auctions, and more, may find interest in this setup.

Purchasing any of my products will grant you access to our discord support group. Players will be able to receive both guidance and answers to general questions pertaining to this product.

Minecraft versions 1.13 and above are known to consume more resources than previous versions. Although this setup comes pre-optimized for best performance, we recommend you allocate at least 3 GB of ram.


This setup runs on 1.17.1 to provide the modern features of Minecraft! Running this setup on a lower version may cause issues as some of the plugins used do not support it. We do not offer support to players running the setup on versions other than 1.17.1

This setup requires your servers version to be 1.17.1 and above which requires Java 16. Please check with your hosting provider that you are capable of running 1.1​


This setup uses 3 premium plugins. Two of these premium plugins are required and can be downloaded for free. One premium plugin is optional but costs money, however, a free alternative is provided with this product. Read the dependencies page for more information.​



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