Prison / OpPrison Premade Setup Minecraft

✨ MINECRAFT PRISON SETUP ➜ Custom Textured Pickaxes + Weapons ✧ Dungeons ✧ Inventory Pets ✧ Cells… and more!

in on 12/03/2021


here are a bunch of prison servers out there already. Your server needs to be different, and feature something unique. Jump to the next level by offering your community many unique features – some have never been seen before on any prison server. Over 150 hours has been spent into this resource to ensure the server is as best as it could be. Scroll down to see the features that this resource contains. Try something new and different, your players will like it!

This premade setups runs on PaperSpigot 1.13.
Players can connect to the server using versions 1.13 to 1.18.x

Once this resource is purchased, it takes seconds to get your server up and running. The resource comes with useful information on what you can sell on your store, how to advertise to get players and much more.

These are the notable features:

★ 12 Custom Pickaxes – There are 12 different pickaxes with each having a unique texture. No existing items have been replaced, these have been added.

★ Custom Textures – The texture of some things has been changed so that it suits the prison-themed server.

★ 6 Custom Weapons – There are 6 new and uniquely-textured weapons. These textures do not replace any existing Minecraft textures.

★ 12 Inventory Pets – These pets live in your inventory and give you certain buffs/effects. When you experience their effect, the gain experience and they can level-up. The higher the level a pet is, the stronger the effects are.
These pets can also be purchased from the Farmer. The cost can be configured.

★ Cells – New players can rent cells. Players can build in these cells as long as they keep up with the rent. Players can also get evicted from their cell if they do not pay rent – their stuff will disappear too if this happens.

★ Dungeons – In certain mines, there are dungeons full of custom mobs and lots of loot. See below features. The difficulty of each dungeon increases as a player progresses through the prison.

★ Custom Dungeon Monsters – Monsters guard the treasures that spawn in the dungeons. Difficult monsters can be found in Hard and Expert difficulty dungeons.

★ Dungeon Loot Chests – These loot chests respawn and have a chance to contain amazing loot. The one thing in your way of obtaining this loot are the dangerous monsters guarding it.
You can find tokens, sell boosters, crate keys, custom enchantments, weapons, gear, relics and much more!

★ Bosses – Bosses can spawn in the PvP areas around spawn. They provide a challenge and drop valuable loot once killed.
There are 4 different bosses available to be defeated.
Each boss has unique skills and attributes.

★ Player Skills – Players can spend their experience levels, from the mining, on upgrading their skills.

★ Experience Flying – Players can spend their experience on flying. Flight is disabled when they engage in combat.

★ Prison Tokens – These tokens that are found in crates, kits, dungeons and dungeon monsters can be spent on contraband items. Bosses also drop these tokens.

★ 70+ Custom Enchantments – These enchantments can be used on armour, weapons and tools – they give certain effects.

★ 19 Godly Kits – These kits can be given to your players. The kits give items, armour and weapons with custom enchantments.

★ Leaderboards – These display the top players for most blocks mined and most kills.

★ Crates (3 Tiers, 123 Possible Rewards) – Crates can be used to get a reward.

★ 5 Donator Ranks – Each rank comes with perks, kits and access to donator mines. You can sell these on your server store.

★ Donator Mines – These donator mines are one of the best on the server and look beautiful.

★ 7 Staff Ranks – Staff ranks have the necessary permissions so that they can perform their duties.

★ Bounties – Want a player dead? Set a bounty on them and players will target them!

★ Daily Rewards – A daily reward can be claimed from the Rewarder NPC at spawn.

★ Inventory-Based Navigation – Inventories have replaced nearly everything. Players can navigate the server using the cool-looking inventories.

★ Well-Decorated Spawn and Mines – They have been decorated to make them look beautiful.

★ Beautiful Spawn and Mines – The spawn and mines are truly magnificent.

★ Animated Banners – There is an animated banner at spawn which you can change.

★ Boards – To replace the overused holograms, these boards have been used. Plus, they look much nicer.

★ Plots – These plots can be obtained by players with a high prison rank. The world features a unique road design.

★ Free World – The players who escape the prison can escape into the wilderness.


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