Minecraft Hypixel Bedwars Premade Setup

Premade Minecraft BedWars Setup (1.7.x – 1.19.x)

in on 07/03/2021

In Bed Wars, you and up to 4 teammates spawn on islands. You must gather 4 resources: Iron, Gold, Diamonds and Emeralds to buy items and upgrades at the Shopkeepers on your island.
Each island has a Bed – if your Bed is destroyed you can no longer respawn. Place blocks around your bed to defend it from being destroyed. Destroy other teams’ beds then kill them to win!

x If your Bed is destroyed, you can no longer respawn. Make sure to protect your bed with blocks.
x Emeralds are the most powerful resource; make sure to gather as many as you can from the middle island. You can also get them from a maxed out forge.
x If you knock someone into the void, you get any resources they had in their inventory. Don’t be afraid to knock enemies around.
x Diamonds are important. Make sure to collect and spend them on special Team Upgrades that benefit your entire team.

Supported Minecraft versions:

File Size: 99 Mb (.zip file).

The file contains all the plugins, you just have to launch it and it works ! 🙂




  • Individual language per player (including French). Each player can receive messages, holograms and GUIs in his chosen language.
  • You can have unlimited arena groups with custom names, custom generators, custom scoreboard layouts and custom shop and team upgrades.
  • The scoreboars are 100% configurable. You can add up tp 16 lines and you can use any placeholders you want.
  • Waiting lobby removal feature. It will remove the waiting lobby when the game starts.
  • Three ways to use the plugin: shared (multiple games on a server), bungee (one server one arena), multiarena (one server more arenas).
  • The shop is 100% configurabile. You can create new categories and add new items. Works also with vault economy.
  • Special items available. Debug (silverfish), Dream Defender (Iron Golem) and Egg Bridge (Egg).
  • Team upgrades are 100% customisable. You can add more tiers and more upgrade types with effects, enchants, traps etc.
  • Ore generators values can be changed and also you can have different settings per arena group.
  • You can join arenas via command, signs, arenas GUI and via join NPCs.
  • Custom settings per arena such as allow-spectate, max-in-team and more.
  • You can let your vips join full arenas giving them the vip kick permission.
  • Vault prefix and suffix support. LeaderHeads statistics support. PlaceholderAPI support. Citizens support.
  • The map resetting system is simple and efficient. All you have to do it’s not to save bedwars maps. Disable the world-saving for them.
  • AFK system. Inactive players for more than 45 seconds can’t pick-up items from generators.

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